We Need More Heroes


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ePISODE 1 - Sean conway

In this episode we hear all about Sean's training for his upcoming challenge, his thoughts on success, and happiness, and just about everything in between.

Leon McCarron

 EPISODE 2 - Leon MCcarron

In this episode we hear from master film maker, professional adventure, and all round good guy Leon McCarron. His work has inspired us to travel and get out there!

Benedict Allen

EPISODE 3 - benedict allen

In this episode we hear from one of the pioneers of modern adventurers. Benedict shares his fascinating tale of joining an (until then) uncontacted tribe in Papua New Guinea


To inspire and guide us to live better.

To help you become the hero in your own story.


By hearing the stories of inspiring guests, their struggles and success, thoughts and advice.

And by redefining what it means to be a hero.


We Need More Heroes is a podcast, community, and movement.

Listen, join, and act now!


Life is hard. Making the most of our lives is even harder! Throughout history we've looked to other to inspire us with this. In ancient Greece....


But our values have changed. We now seek purpose, happiness, and success. We Need More Heroes looks to inspire and guide us to make the most of the time we have here.



There are some other very successful, fantastic podcasts also dealing with similar topics, but they tend to focus on the mega super stars of their field. Listening to their tools, habits, and approaches to life often felt out of the average Joe's reach, spending huge amounts of money on expensive meditation retreats, starting each day with 2 hours meditation, brewing tea for an hour, before going on to train at the most expensive sports facilities, and socialising with the elite. We Need More Heroes instead features relateable guests offering their advice to those still in the grind. The stage before they have become the titan of their industry.


I found these guests to be fascinating but ultimately unrelatable. I was didnt have the time or resources to start my day with 2 hours meditation, an hour brewing tea before heading off to train with world renowned athlete's and finally finishing off the day

I wanted to hear what is was like to struggle in building a life you loved, creating that business, following your passion.

I also wanted to hear what these people thought about