WE NEED MORE HEROES:

A podcast, community, and movement to help you become the hero in your own story

ePISODE 1 - Sean conway

In this episode we hear all about Sean's training for his latest challenge (fastest cycle across Europe), his thoughts on success  and happiness, and just about everything in between.

 EPISODE 2 - benedict allen

In this episode we hear from one of the pioneers of modern adventurers. Benedict shares some fascinating tales: joining an (until then) uncontacted tribe in Papua New Guinea, eating his own dog, and getting malaria (twice).

EPISODE 3 - Henry Brydon

In this episode we hear from Henry Brydon who quit the day job in search of adventure. He raised over £100k for charity cycling London to Sydney before setting up his adventure company We Are Explorers.



In episode 4 we hear from the Belgian Beast of exploration and adventure, Louis-Philippe Loncke. He has a whopping 10 world firsts to his name, works as an engineers, has 3 degrees, 3 masters, and speaks 4 languages (as you do). Oh, and was 2016 Adventurer of the Year.



To inspire and guide us to live better.

To help you become the hero in your own story.


By hearing the stories of inspiring guests, their struggles and success, thoughts and advice.

By redefining what it means to be a hero.


We Need More Heroes is a podcast, community, and movement.

Listen, join, and act now!