It was a typical lunch time on London's Oxford Street. Pushing my way through the army of tourists and angry business people, I fought my way up from the sweaty tube ride, my arm still wet from the rotund man who perspired endlessly during the cramped ride.

The street was even more chaotic with the bellow of car horns, and the thick smog from the iconic double decker buses constantly idling in the never ending traffic. I was on my way to work and for some strange reason I just stopped. It was like an out of body experience. Looking around at these people rushing to get to the jobs they hated, to impress the boss they couldn't stand, and earn more money to buy more shit they didn't need. And then it dawned on me. Was I one of them?

I had, what seemed, a great life. A fancy sounding job in finance that impressed people when they heard what I did, a big group of mates, and even an attractive girlfriend. But I was ultimately bored and uninspired. I was twenty something facing the quarter life crisis that so many of my peers pretended they too weren't struggling with.

I stood there and thought back to the moment I got the phone call telling of my fathers stroke. I'd said to myself that I was going to make the most of the precious time we have here and never just settle. And yet there I was. Taking the easy default option. Partly through lack of inspiration but also simply not knowing how to create something better.

There are people out there really grabbing life by the balls. And we can learn a lot from them. Not just about how to be successful, but also how to be more happy and fulfilled.

I created this podcast to inspire and guide ordinary people like us to do the extraordinary things we're all capable of.