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What is we need more heroes all about?

We Need More Heroes is about seeking out – and learning from – the people out there who refuse to settle for an ordinary life, when they want something more. The people who get up and do things, who push themselves to be brilliant, who break the mould in search of rich and meaningful existences.

Join us as we cycle from Alaska to Argentina in pursuit of these everyday heroes, from entrepreneurs to adventurers, travellers to creatives. We’re producing a series of podcasts to illuminate how all of us, in ways both big and small, can become the heroes in our own stories.



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Just like Plato (stay with me here), I believe that the content we consume and the people we admire are both incredibly important. Of course it’s OK (and probably good sometimes) to zone out and absorb a few hours of the “Real House Wives of Wherever”, but we are most fulfilled when we’re making progress towards something important to us and others. And the Kardashian’s just won’t cut it.

But it’s hard to do this alone! In order for us to become everything we can be and achieve our potential, we need role models, heroes, those who can inspire us to be more. And yet, a hero isn’t just someone who saves babies from burning buildings. It’s anyone who has the courage to risk security in search of something more.


Finance worker

And who are you podcast man?

I’m the WNMH founder and host, George Beesley.

Raised in a small, rural town in the English countryside, I was a pretty unremarkable kid, fairly good at this and that, but not exceptional at anything. After finishing uni I took a fancy sounding job in finance down in London, not because that’s what, deep down, I really wanted to do, but because like most of us, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted.

But after my fathers recent stroke I realized that life’s too short to settle. On the day I received that awful phone call delivering the bad news, I promised myself to make the most of this precious time we have.

Working as a tiny cog in a huge wheel, I felt uninspired and flat, surrounded by people who wanted the wife and two kids, the dog, and the Volvo. And whilst there’s nothing wrong with that (in fact, I sometimes envy it), I felt full of all this energy and enthusiasm and a yearning to experience the world.

Biking the America's

So, I quit my job and started this podcast. When I was living in London I had access to all these interesting and vibrant people, who were really grabbing life by the balls! But when I had to move back home to the countryside I lost access to them. So I started this podcast so people like us can still have a connection with these wonderful sources of inspiration.

In search of adventure, my girlfriend and I booked our plane tickets to Anchorage and we’re currently cycling over 17,000 miles from Anchorage to Argentina. Wanting to give more purpose to the ride, we’re also raising money for the Stroke Association. Here’s the Just Giving link if you’re interested in reading more – https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/georgeandkubes (there's also a dedicated page on this site called 'Cycling the America's' found at the top of this page).

We’ll be podcasting with many of the weird and wonderful people we meet along the way.  Because there are still brilliant people out there, who can light that fire deep within us. Join me on this mission to find them.


Now let’s get listening and make shit happen!