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“We Need More Heroes is about seeking out – and learning from – the people out there who refuse to settle for an ordinary life. The people who get up and do things, who push themselves to be brilliant, who break the mould in search of rich and meaningful existences. Join us as we cycle from Alaska to Argentina in pursuit of these everyday heroes, from entrepreneurs to adventurers, travellers to creatives. We’re producing a series of podcasts to illuminate how all of us, in ways both big and small, can become the heroes in our own stories.






I fumbled downstairs in my favourite pair of Spiderman boxers, weary eyed and gagging for my morning caffeine fix. As I strolled into the kitchen my girlfriend smacked me square in the face with a bombshell. He’d done it. Donald Trump was to be the next President of the most powerful country in the world. He would be the Commander in Chief of the most terrifying armed force ever assembled. He would be the one to negotiate the almost impossible situations in the Middle East and Russia. He would even be given the codes to the nukes. First Brexit. Now this. What was happening?

After downing the now cold espresso I slumped onto the sofa, still in a mild daze of disbelief. Flicking the TV on I hoped for some distraction away from the almighty disappointment of the fake tanned, buffon toating grandpa getting into office. And there she was. Kim Kardashian. We’re all fucked. Proper fucked. That’s all that kept replaying in my head, over and over. No wonder everywhere I turn people with these seemingly perfect lives on paper feel lost, unengaged, and ultimately depressed. Of course Kim and Donald aren't just to blame. But how are we supposed to lead meaningful lives, inspire others, become brilliant, and make the most of our time here when we’re surrounded by this shit?

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The only constant is change. And you aren’t the same person you were five years ago, last year, last month even. It is our experiences and environment that affect how we change. The stories we tell ourselves are directly affected by the input we received. And of course it’s fine to soak in a bit of shitty reality TV from time to time. It’s probably even good for us to occasionally zone out and become engrossed in what he said, and she said, and like, how random the whole night was. But if we want to live rich and meaningful existences, we need others to inspire us to reach our potential.

It’s said we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Living in a small town on the border of Wales, I don’t have access to the most vibrant and brilliant of us (although my mate Trev can move 9 bails of hay faster than anyone). So I created this podcast to find inspirational role models for people like us.

I know they are out there. And this is the search to find them. Join me in travelling across the globe, journeying into adventure, sport, entrepreneurship, science, and a boatload more places to seek out those who can help us become the hero in our own story…



But hold on just a second. A hero here isn’t just a bloke who saves babies from burning buildings with his shirt off (although a 6 pack is compulsory for hero status). A hero is anyone who inspires us to be better, to live the considered life we want to live. Someone who never does anything purely for money or prestige alone. They have the courage to overcome challenges and the humility to appreciate what they have. They embody the virtues we all aspire to, but are of course human, just like you and me, riddled with shortcomings.

Now lets get listening and make shit happen!!!