Life can be hard. Making the most of our lives is even harder. With most of our basic needs met, never having to give a second thought to where our next meal will come from, where we will sleep tonight, or our personal safety, we have turned our attention to other concerns. Life was hard back then, but it was simple. If you were a Blacksmiths son, you would be a blacksmith too. If you were poor, you would stay poor. Most of us in the developed world have moved up Maslow's heirachy of needs focusing now on self-actualisation.

We struggle with purpose instead of hunger, mastery instead of cold, autonomy instead of war.

We're told that we can do anything we dream of and it's just a matter of trying hard enough. But where does that leave us if we're not superstars?

All to often these worries are dismissed as unimportant 'first world problems'. They may be the affliction of the relatively wealthy global citizens, but their impact can be just as real.

With unseen levels of depression, anxiety, suicide, and apathy many of us feel lost.

At first we're blissfully ignorant of these issues. As we grow we often assume our parents hmr money moustache important parts of living wellave the answers before discovering they are just as clueless about many of the big questions as us.

In school we learn how to add and subtract, about kings and queens, but not about how to live well. We're left wondering what does this all mean? where do I fit into it? does my time here really matter? How do I find a career I love? How can I be a good parent and partner?

We're expected to have everything figured out and not need any more teaching, or help.

I lived to oh so familiar story of reading Business and Economics at University before getting a job in London in Finance. Why? Because this was really what I want to spend my life doing? No. Because I'd never taken the time out to really focus on finding out wWhich advice should I follow? Cross fit? Keto? hat I wanted to do. Finding our where my strengths lay and what was important to me and aligning the two to build a meaningful life. Instead I did what everyone else was doing because I was too busy with things I didn't really care about to study this. I was also blissfully unaware of how to go about the process of building a life I love.

There is so much conflicting advice out there, often based on anecdotal bullshit. Should I follow my passion and have quit University to become a Thai boxer? or Should I listen to the advice of the researchers at '80,000 hours' and realise that passions change, so we should instead look for meaningful work that helps society.

Should I aim high and just believe that anything is possible, shooting to become the next Michael Jordan of whatever industry I chose or should I remember that we only here the stories of the winners and never read the biographies of the losers who gambled, investing everything into their dream and ended up mr money moustache important parts of living wellruined.

How should I relate to my family? Is family the most important thing or should I stop wasting my energy

How do I know if I should keeping investing my time in the project I'm currently struggling with?

How do we create a business from humble beginnings, without a ivy-league degree, or shed loads of cash. What's it really like to struggle to pay the bills and feel like there may be no light at the end of the tunnel?

What about the existential questions? Is it even worth asking them? Is it better to remain blissfully ignorant or to attempt to wade through the complex waters or existence without religion.

What about community and friendship? How do we deal with a lack of real connection to those around us. From one perspective, we've never been so connected, and yet we've never felt so alone. How do we manage this.

I have lots of questions. Some of which I'm not sure can be answered. But the 'heroes' we hear on the show should be able to help us in tackling at least some of these issues.

WNMH looks to provide the ongoing inspiration and support we lack in modern society in a fun and compelling way. With the stories of our heroes trial and tribulations, successes and failures.

How do we find meaning in a world without religion? What's the point of it all?

How do I remain healthy? What does it mean to be healthy? How should I eat - Keto? Vegan? Which type of meditation should I do?

How can I be happy? Is happiness really the right thing to aim for? What are the other goal posts?

Should I set goals or just take things as they come?

Is it better to walk the golden mean or strive for excellence and disrupt the balance, sacrificing whatever it takes to achieve success?

How do I spot my own poor thinking?

How do I make it through the hard times?