Let’s face it, we all want to be the hero. But how? And why? And what does it even mean to be a hero these days?

There is so much advice out there. Too much. And so many contrary opinions from so called ‘experts’. So who should we listen to? And how do we cut through it all, finding and applying the bits that matter to us?

From starting a business, to filling our lives with more adventure, from considering the big questions, to strategies for happiness, from health and training to creativity and mindfulness, we explore it all on the We Need More Heroes podcast.

We need role models and inspirational characters, to encourage us to become the best us we can be.

The show emanated from a desire to hear from real people! We found there were shows out there already looking to tackle similar issues but the multi-millionaire, ferrari driving, hyper famous elites often featured on these shows were so out of touch with most people’s reality, that much of their thinking and advice was useless. Most people can’t afford to start their day with 2 hours of meditation, an hour brewing $100 a cup of esoteric Chinese tea, before heading off to train with the world’s best strength and conditioning coach, followed by a 3 hour brainstorm with tech CEO’s over lunch.

We have jobs. And ‘normal’ lives to lead. How do we become ‘better’ at that, start that business, be a better lover, father, person, whilst balancing the demands of the everyday?

We Need More Heroes instead hears the tales and adventures, failures and learnings from people like us. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. From adventure to business, creatives to trainers, charity to academia, we cover it all.

Join me on a journey around the globe to explore the most important questions of all, and find the heroes who can inspire us to become more.