Episode 13 - Jim Davidson (Speaking of Adventure) - Part 2

Photo credits: www.speakingofadventure.com

Photo credits: www.speakingofadventure.com

Jim public speaking

In episode 13 we hear more from climber, resilience expert, expedition leader, and adventurer Jim Davidson. Through years of experience Jim has been able to accomplish some epic climbs including summiting Mount Everest, alongside many other notable peaks. 

Jim specialises in the topic of resilience. He is now a professional speaker and distills the lessons he's learned over 20 years out on the mountain and makes them applicable to everyday life.

In this episode he tells the story of losing his best friend in a climbing accident falling into an 80 foot crevasse and what he learned from it.

We also cover what it was like to be on Mount Everest when the earthquake hit Nepal back in 2015. As well as his continued struggle to summit the worlds tallest mountain.

Jim now speaks professionally and co-authored the award winning book 'The Ledge. We discuss his journey through learning the craft of write and getting paid to speak for a living. A major transition from his previous life of a geologist.

It was fascinating to hear Jim's story and great to cover such a breadth of topics but still get into the weeds.

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The Ledge: An Inspirational Story of Friendship and Survival 




  • Experiencing an earthquake and avalanche on Mount Everest

  • The aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal - 9,000 fatalities

  • The magic of Nepal

  • The realities of Nepali Sherpas

  • Jim’s inspiration these days

  • Jim’s journey through public speaking

  • National Speakers Association - https://www.nsaspeaker.org/

  • The key to good public speaking

  • Learning to write

  • Jim’s heroes

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