Episode 14 - Ben Page (Multi-award winning filmmaker, adventurer, and photographer)

Ben Sunset

In episode 14 we hear from multi-award winning filmmaker, adventurer and photographer, Ben Page. 

We kick off by hearing about Ben's cycle trip around the world. He took 3 years and survived on just $3 a day. Ben touches on his favourite places, the experience of travelling alone, and some of his high and low points.

At about the 30 minutes mark we then go on to a film making crash course, focusing on Ben's recent film, The Frozen Road. Ben goes into great detail about his camera set up, recommendations for those getting into film making, and loads more. If you are a budding film maker this one is certainly for you.

We close by discussing Ben's heroes and inspirations.

I really enjoyed chatting to Ben and learned a hell of a lot about film making.

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Now lets get filming!!! (well listening first...but then filming)







The Frozen Road - https://vimeo.com/252863313

The Nature of Dreams - https://vimeo.com/133177167


Ben dusty on bike
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