Episode 15 - Super Cycling Man (Will Hodson)

Super Cycling Man in field

In episode 15 we hear from one of my favourite guests to date, Super Cycling Man (aka Will Hodson), an ex school teacher from London, who set off aged 38 to accomplish a world first - to cycle 100,000km across the globe, traversing all 7 continents, raising £1 million for charity, all the while dressed as a super hero.

Will shares beautiful stories about his wonderful trip around the world so far, the gorgeous places he's been the inspiring people he's met. He is also talking to school kids on his way, inspiring them to live life as an adventure.

I had such a great time recording this one. Will's fun loving attitude is brilliant and infectious! This one will leave you eager to get out and experience the stunning world around us.

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Super Cycling Man - http://supercyclingman.com/

Raising money for Parkinsons - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/supercyclingmanparkinsonsuk



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Super Cycling Man with school kids
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